Perfect Technique – Sang-Moon Bae Golf Swing Analysis

Sang-Moon Bae is from South Korea and was born 21 June 1986. He got some media attention because of his win at the HP Byron Nelson Championship in May 2013.

He beat Keegan Bradley by two strokes winning his first PGA Tour event.

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His main source of golf education was taking lessons from his 18-handicap mother and watching YouTube clips of Tiger Woods and Adam Scott.

Today he has one of the best looking swings on the Tour. During his time in South Korea, he had no professional instruction and little competition until he turned pro at age 18.

He demonstrates that non-traditional routes to swing excellence still exist.

Address Position and Takeaway

Sang-Moon Bae Setup
Sang-Moon Bae Setup
Sang-Moon Bae Takeaway
Sang-Moon Bae Takeaway

[clearboth]Sang-Moon has a perfect setup position as you would expect with a player of his caliber. He is ready and poised with perfect posture. His feet, hips and shoulders are square to the target line.

During his takeaway he breaks his wrists a little early but his body is turning perfectly.

Most amateurs don’t have a feeling for the proper weight shift. So it’s always a good idea to spend some time working on this.

A good weight shift also helps tremendously with good rhythm and tempo.


Sang-Moon Bae backswing
Sang-Moon Bae backswing

During his backswing he stays wide and makes a full shoulder turn.

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Take special note of his hips.

Most amateurs tend to move too much sideways during their backswing.

Turning your hips is essential for power and distance. But if you want to be accurate and consistent you should never move past the hip line you set up during your address position.


Downswing and Impact

Sang-Moon Bae Downswing
Sang-Moon Bae Downswing
Sang-Moon Bae impact position
Sang-Moon Bae impact position

[clearboth] During his downswing Sang-Moon Bae leads with his lower body and keeps the proper sequence to reach maximum club head speed.

His release is uninhibited, but there’s no flipping with the hands. Everything stays in sync.

Everybody should mimic his wide follow through as it promotes to stay in posture throughout your swing.


Finish and Conclusion

Sang-Moon Bae finish
Sang-Moon Bae finish

[clearboth] Even during his finish you can see how he’s turning through the ball leading him to facing the target.

Take note of his shoulders and arms and how they are turning around his neck.

Here are some check points to look out for in your own swing that Sang-Moon Bae demonstrates perfectly.

  • Work on a perfect setup position. Everybody can get this part right!
  • Transfer your weight back during your backswing and to the front during your downswing.
  • Develop the proper sequence in your downswing: hips, shoulders, arms, hands!

Study the swing of Sang-Moon Bae for a while as it’s a perfect example of a modern and effective golf swing.



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