Spin it! – How to Put Backspin on the Golf Ball

The tour players do it all the time. They put so much spin on the ball that their approaches roll back after they hit the ground.

They can even do it with their normal iron shots, too.

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These shots do not just look cool, but are also valuable tools to work the ball.[clearboth]

For example you can aim behind the target and let it spin back, which might give the player an advantage.

Many golfers marvel at these kind of shots, but never actually tried to perform them themselves.

With a little bit of deliberate practice you can do it too.

You can even practice on the range, as a hard surface beneath the ball is great for producing backspin.

Start with a wedge. A 60-degree wedge is ideal, but a sand wedge will do, too. The more loft your golf club has the more spin you are able to impart on the golf ball.

First check that the grooves of your wedge are clean, as they support spinning the ball. Address the ball like you would for a normal pitch shot.

To put backspin on the ball you have to focus on swinging down at the ball, not through the ball. Imagine pressing the ball into the ground with your clubface.

You want to squeeze the ball between your clubface and the turf. Of course you still want to perform a normal pitch shot. Do not get suddenly all fancy with your swing.

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Great Drill to Generate Backspin

Build a small gate with to tees to encourage a center face hit helping to generate backspin.
Build a small gate with to tees to encourage a center face hit helping to generate backspin.

Clean contact with the center of the clubface is critical to put maximum spin on the ball.

You also want to hit the ball before you hit the turf. If you stick some tees into the ground to swing through you’ll encourage hitting the ball flush.

When you practice this for a while you should manage to get some spin on the golf ball.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start to work on your distance control.

With the backspin the ball will not roll like with a normal pitch or chip, but stay in the area where it lands.

But even if you do not have that kind of accuracy yet – this exercise helps you to make better contact with the ball by attacking it in a downward angle.

Do not get discouraged quickly with this exercise, as it may take some time until you see some results.






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