The Spine Angle – How to Keep it Perfect

If you stand up you lose. Keeping your spine angle is one of the most important factors in an athletic golf swing.

Most golfers can’t do an athletic golf swing because they stand up during their swing instead of keeping their spine angle.

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The usual cause are the bend knees during setup. Bend your knees only a little during setup.

Your weight should be be evenly distributed on the balls of your feet. You should feel some tension in the back of your thighs.

While swinging keep your spine angle at least until impact – that’s the only way to have a successful strong and long shot. [clearboth]

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A good rule of thumb is to focus on the small label at the neck of your shirt (if it has one). You mainly want to turn around that instead of moving it from left to right.

You can also imagine a broomstick placed along your spine. The stick / your spine should mostly stay in one spot. Most importantly you shoudn’t change the angle you developed during setup.

You manage that by not standing up or sitting down during your swing.

A Simple Exercise to Keep the Proper Spine Angle

Tip: Practice 25 inches in front of a wall. If you keep your spine angle you won’t touch the wall!

Obviously you have to start slow because you don’t want to smash your club or your surroundings.





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