The Tank – K.J. Choi Golf Swing Analysis

Choi Kyung-ju (aka K.J. Choi) is the internationally most successful golfer from South Korea.

He won 18 times already on the PGA tour since his carreer start in 1993.

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Before K.J. Choi found his passion in golf he was involved in competitive powerlifting.

He was able to squat 350 pounds (159 kg) as a 95-pound (43 kg) 13 year-old teenager.

This led to his nickname “Tank” as he was called by South Koreans.

Let’s take a look how he’s transferring his power into his golf shots!

Address Position and Takeaway

K.J. Choi in his Setup Position
K.J. Choi in his Setup Position
K.J. Choi's Takeaway
K.J. Choi’s Takeaway

[clearboth] The perspective in the video isn’t perfect but you can see how K.J. Choi is setting up athletically with his upper body behind the ball.

You can already see the intention of his swing in his setup.

Here you can clearly see the difference between just going through the positions and the moves and setting up athletically to hit the ball.

With his takeaway K.J. stays steady with his upper body and head.


K.J. Choi fully coiled in his backswing.
K.J. Choi fully coiled in his backswing.

At the top of the backswing you’ll notice that he’s taken his hands just above his head.

K.J. Choi has fully turned with his back towards the target and most of his weight on his left leg.

K.J. Choi is a compact and muscular guy.

Nevertheless he’s turning fully behind the ball.

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If you want to add maximum power to your drives work on your backswing getting a stable but full turn of your shoulders with a proper weight shift.

[clearboth] Downswing and Impact

K.J. Choi in his downswing.
K.J. Choi in his downswing.
K.J. Choi just after the moment of truth.
K.J. Choi just after the moment of truth.

Although K.J. does a full turn with his shoulders he stays tight in his downswing whipping through the ball at impact with a strong right side.

Especially notice how straight and square he’s keeping the clubface at impact.

He doesn’t change the arm club unit much throughout the swing. He’s keeping the triangle so to speek.

One of the magic moves that was advocated by the famous golf teacher Harvey Penick.

[clearboth] Finish and Conclusion

K.J. Choi in his finish position.
K.J. Choi in his finish position.

[clearboth] K.J. Choi finishes his swing with a classic looking finish.

His weight is mostly on his front leg and his right heel is off the ground. The club travelled behind his back and he’s facing the target with his hips and upper body, standing tall.

Try to emulate K.J. Choi to get more distance and accuracy off the tee with your driver:

  • Make a full turn with your upper body steady above the ball.
  • Keep the triangle of your arm club unit for as long as possible throughout your swing.
  • Watch your footwork. Do you finish in balance with the weight on your front leg?

If you want to hit it hard and accurate at the same time you have to focus on your structure so you are actually swinging the club and not the other way around. Go hit some!


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