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Throw in the Towel – Long Game Golf Lesson

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A towel can be a great training aid for your golf swing. And the best thing is, you most likely have it with you on the range.

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Doing drills with it can help you to understand your swing arc and rhythm. Do the following two drills for a couple of minutes each and hit some balls in-between.

First move into your normal address position with a towel in your hands. You want to hold the towel at two spots, about a foot apart horizontal to the ground.

Then start simulating your full swing while stretching the towel as tightly as you can.

This will let your left and right sides keep their distance during your backswing and downswing.

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Try to incorporate the same feeling into your swing when you are actually hitting balls with your clubs. For the second drill start once again in your normal address position, but this time hold your towel like you would hold a golf club. Then start to swing it like a golf club.

You will notice that in order to make a proper swing with the towel, you must develop some rhythm and the right amount of acceleration or else the towel will break down.

You want to snap the towel like a whip while maintaining the proper form of a golf swing.

Again try to transfer this rhythm and tempo to your real swing when you are hitting balls afterwards.

Drills like that can get boring really fast. The trick is to not think of them as work you have to suffer your way through, but as tools to hone your skills.

For me it always helps a lot to alternate the drills with hitting some balls in between to shake it up a bit.

  • Simulate your swing while holding a towel with both hands.
  • Grab a towel with a normal golf grip and swing it rhythmically so
    that the towel does not fly around.






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