Is This a Trick? – Long Game Golf Lesson

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Have you seen a golf trick shot show yet? If not, I can recommend it.

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At least search for some videos on the internet and be amazed.

Trick shot artists are usually very good golfers, too.

The interesting thing is that these trick shots actually need a lot of golf fundamentals to work out and most of the artists are able to make proper contact with the ball while doing their fancy moves.

So I suggest you learn a couple of trick shots. Maybe you discover a new thing for yourself.

By practising trick shots you can not only have a lot of fun and impress your friends.

You can also improve your regular swing. First of all try to hit some balls while being on your knees.

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Even professional golfers use this shot sometimes when their ball is in trouble and they have a difficult angle.

You can use your towel to put under your knees if you think its too uncomfortable.

Then try hitting balls while standing on one leg. This will teach you some balance.

If you really want to go for it, you can also get a balance board and start hitting balls while standing on it.

Your first attempts will probably be not as successful as you would wish. But stick with it.

These kind of trick shot exercises will help you tremendously to develop good balance and tempo. Once you are able to hit your seven iron with good contact while standing on a balance board a normal shot will seem easy to you.

  • Try a couple of trick shots for yourself.
  • Hit balls while kneeling down.
  • Hit balls while standing on one leg.
  • Hit balls while standing on a balance board.






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