120 Timeless Golf Lessons

Improve Your Game with a Step-by-Step Plan.

If You Want To Improve Your Game Fast, You’ve Got To Stick To These Two Simple Steps

-Have a plan!

-Get feedback!

120 Timeless Golf Lessons helps you with both. You will create your personal training plan to improve all aspects of your golf swing and game (long game, short game, mental game) step-by-step.

Gone are the times of aimlessly hitting golf balls on the range! Create your plan today and play your best golf naturally.

What do people say about Good at Golf?

Billy L.: “I wish I would have followed you before golf season was over in OH I might have actually played better #wishilivedinawarmstate

Joaquin P.:”Thx for the tips. Read through a few and took 6 strokes off today.”

Dan F.:”I just finished your book ‘seven great golf tips’ in iBooks. It has some great points that I’m looking forward to trying.”

Ken K.:  “Greg, that game can wreck ur head had a snap hook for 8 rounds gone now!!”

This Is The Secret Sauce To Improve
Your Golf Game Beyond Any Of Your Expectations

Listen: You can walk into a golf store and buy off-the-shelf training aids and use them to work on this or that part of your swing – but you’ll NEVER be a great golfer. Most golfers suffer from what I call “shiny object syndrome”. They are robbed from the game that’s hidden inside of them.

120 Timeless Golf Lessons gives you the knowledge and tools to:

  • Tackle your short game to improve your putting, chipping and get up and down more often – No more skulled chips, fear in the bunker or missed short putts!
  • Work on your long game to hit your irons, driver and fairway woods flush and straight – Say goodbye to the slice or other bad shots.
  • Stay calm and seasoned with mental toughness – You’ll know exactly what to do when things don’t go as planned.
  • Use golf drills effectively – Every drill from now on will have a purpose for you. You will never hit a ball again without a clear goal in mind.
  • Put everyday items to use as golf training aids – You can get rid of all the gimmicks and toys and improve naturally.
  • Use a golf journal to motivate yourself and keep track of your progress – You will be surprised how fast you improved when you look back and you get an idea what exactly led you to breaking 100, 90 or 80.

Keep this in mind: Without a proper plan and tackling the weak parts of your game you won’t improve at all. At most you make very slow improvements by random chance.

FAST IMPROVEMENT In The Game Of Golf Has NOTHING To Do With Details Of Your Technique…
Or Woo-Woo Training Aids That Pretend To Give You Great Results With NO Work At All!

Most weekend warriors have no idea about their golf swing or their game. Even if they take a lesson from a teaching professional they usually don’t get behind what their coach is trying to accomplish with them in the long run. They have no plan or strategy!

And that’s the difference to any playing professional. Pros always have a plan and know what to do next and what to work on.

So to improve your game FAST you must develop a plan of attack. It doesn’t do you any good to just hit a couple of balls on the driving range and do a little putting. How’s that working out for you?

You need to understand where your weakest links in your own game are and tackle those with certainty and specific drills that work and deliver results.

Have you ever created a plan to improve your game and stuck to it? If not, how do you plan to improve? By trial and error – aka sheer luck? How do you keep yourself accountable and how do you track your improvement – just your handicap?

Well, the path is clear! If you want to improve your game FAST you’ve got to have a plan. You could do this on your own by investing a lot of time or money with your local teaching pro.

Or you could use the system that is laid out for you in “120 Timeless Golf Lessons”. You see, I only very recently organized it all into a NEW powerful book that guides you step-by-step through the creation of your own game plan.


This Is Like Learning In a Time Machine

This book shows you how to improve your game step-by-step with a proven plan. You’ll play more consistent and better golf with this thirty day, complete golf workout. You’ll improve all areas of your game (short game, long game, mental game and golf fitness). You will not just follow a trend or try some golf tips but improve systematically.

This way you get the most out of your time and money while building results that last FOREVER.

Why I Took The Time To Create 120 Timeless Golf Lessons

I struggled for quite a long time with my own game. I stood at the driving range for hours – pounding balls without improving at all. The occasional good shot kept me going. It all looked so easy when I watched the local teaching pros but I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong.

I knew one thing, though: I knew that I could do better!

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

I finally broke the cycle when I started to make a plan and decided to work on specific parts of my game, tackling my own weaknesses step-by-step.

Today I’m on my way to becoming a teaching professional myself. I took the effort and compiled the exercises and drills that helped me the most in a single book. Its goal is to help you to improve your game just as I did my own – step-by-step and shot-by-shot.

This Is What The 120 Timeless Golf Lessons Will Do For You

This isn’t a book to read like a Grisham novel nor is it a picture book filled with fancy images. 120 Timeless Golf Lessons is single-mindedly dedicated to help you play your best golf.

The book is structured that you read one page of golf instruction per day and do the described golf exercise. Just by immersing yourself in the different exercises and areas of the game you will improve step-by-step and learn how to practice effectively.

A golf lesson usually costs about $40 to $100. And you will save more than one lessons with the information in this book. I don’t think you can get a better deal to improve your game anywhere else.


Discover How To Create Your Own Game Plan, Improve Your Game And Play Your Best Golf!

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Greg’s “120 Timeless Golf Lessons”

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P.S. One more thing—you don’t have to be a great golfer already to implement these principles. You can start creating a plan even of you are a beginning golfer. In other words, this isn’t like grade school where you have to pass 2nd grade to get to 3rd. You can totally leapfrog 5-6 grades like most golfers do once they discover this simple secret!

P.P.S.: There’s absolutely no risk for you. If you don’t like the book you can send it back and amazon will give you your money back. No questions asked! This is true for the digital version as well. I doubt that you will put this one down though. Because it is packed with golfing goodness from cover to cover.

Download The Calendar
Click here to download the calendar (PDF).
Print it out and stick it somewhere you can see it every day.
Keep track of your own plan and improve your game step-by-step.


Paperback: 172 pages
Published: 20 Mar 2013 (First Edition)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1483921921
ISBN-13: 978-1483921921