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Battle Golf / Thieves – Outrageous Golf Format

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This game is a lot of fun. It teaches you how to manage limited resources and that in golf everything can turn around with the next shot. It might even test your friendship with your playing partners sometimes.

Battle Golf is being played in teams or one on one. If you are playing in teams, each team is playing out of one bag. Each team plays as a normal two man flight. The fun starts when one team has won a hole. Then the winning team takes one club out of the opponents‘ bag which they can now use, if they want to. If the team that lost the club wins another hole though they can choose, if they want to take their club back or if they want to take another club. Yes, the putter can be taken too.

The weirdest experiments can evolve when you have to play a Par-5 without a putter and without your driver. Or if you are suddenly missing your wedges when you want to do an approach or get out of a bunker. It is also fun to use the clubs of your opponents. But be careful and respectful with their property, as you expect the same from them.

The game can be really satisfying when your team is behind and already lost a club or two and manages to get back and turn the tide.

You may notice that with a simple game like that you are even more focused with your shots, because they really count for your team. Usually players who play very conservatively in regular games tend to be more
aggressive. And that is exactly what we want to achieve here. Mixing it up while having fun. Enjoying golf as what it is – a social game. So get out there and have a battle with your friends! But do not forget that after all is said and done it is just a game.

  • Play in teams or one on one with one golfbag /14 clubs per team.
  • Whenever a team wins a hole it can take one club out of the opponents‘
  • The opponents are not allowed to use it any more.
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