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Broom Broom Broomstick – Long Game Golf Lesson

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It is funny how working away from the course using every day items can help you to improve your golf swing. It is somehow counter-intuitive how not hitting any balls can actually help you make better contact.

Many people believe that beating balls is a great thing to groove their swing. There are other people who think and talk about how they want to improve their swing with dedicated practice. But in the end they are hitting one ball after the other on the range without any target or goal in mind just like so many other people are doing. Today you will work on your long game without hitting any golf balls.

Let‘s start with using a broom. I am serious, a broom is a great tool to work on your swing mechanics away from the golf course. To loosen up take the broomstick above your shoulders behind your back. Hold it with both your hands and get into your address position. Now turn back and front again slowly while keeping your spine angle. This is a great exercise to learn the proper shoulder turn.

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practice your golfswing with a broomstick

Next take some masking tape and mark the length of several clubs (wedges and irons) on the broomstick. This way you know where to put your grip. Then go through all positions of a full swing with your broom in front of a mirror.

Start with a proper takeaway and go to a good position at the top. Then transition back to impact and to your finish. You may think that doing this with a broom is ridiculous, but the different weight, shape and feel makes you actually conscious about the swing path and how you are using your body.

Just try it and you will be surprised how practising with a broom makes you aware of mistakes you never noticed before. By putting the broom into your hands instead of a golf club, your mind is more open for mistakes and adjustments to your own swing.

  • Use a broom instead of a golf club to practise your swing.
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