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The Only Golf Swing Secret You Will Ever Need to Know

Are you excited? Are you ready to learn the only golf swing secret you will ever need to know? Finally, here it comes. I think the only secret you will ever need to know about golf is: There’s no damn secrets! There I said it. Maybe you are a little angry now because it wasn’t exactly what you expected and how I dare writing such a claim. But let me explain. This blog post will sometimes sound a little woo woo and new agey but bare with me, mhhkay? I try to keep it short and to the point to bring my opinion across. You can take it or leave it. That’s up to you.

Good Golf is a Process not a State You Can Reach

Many golfers seem to believe that they only have to achieve a certain level of expertise to be set for life. But golf isn’t like riding the bike. Even the best players in the world have to work on their natural tendencies and are constantly striving for a better game. Golf is way to complex to being taught by some simple steps let alone having a move or device that would make everybody better no matter what.

Selling the Dream

The word “secret” is a common one in marketing for golf products and instruction. You somehow get the feeling that there are more secrets in golf than in the Da Vinci Code. Maybe the game was even devised by the Illuminati themselves, who knows. But all jokes aside.

We are living in the information age. With the available technology like cheap cameras and the internet you have better conditions than ever before to learn as much as you want about the game of golf, faster than ever before. And once it sinks into your mind that golf isn’t a puzzle with a missing piece but more a puzzle you create and solve for yourself you get a whole new look at all the available products out there. And it get’s way easier to decide which information is the real deal and who’s only trying to sell the dream.

But if There are no Secrets What Should I be Looking for Then?

I think the best thing every golfer should be striving for is a real understanding of the mechanics of a great golf swing and their own tendencies. Fundamentals like the grip, aim, stance and posture are always good to work on. But it’s even better to understand how and why these parts benefit a great golf swing and make you a better player. Fortunately all the information you need is widely available on the internet, in a lot of great books and by great coaches.

In the end all I’m trying to say is that a golfer can only improve if he is open for new things and actively trying to understand the game instead of looking for the secret to have an advantage over everybody else. See that even sounds wrong if you read it. So don’t be that guy. Good game and go hit some!

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  1. Jordan J. Caron August 31, 2012 at 05:00 - Reply


    I agree. Too many golfers are looking for the quick fix rather then putting in the hard work. I mostly blame the golf manufactures and publications for this.

    They've overwhelmed golfers with too much knowledge therefore making them reliant or more tips or buying a game through equipment.

  2. Bill Curry September 7, 2012 at 10:01 - Reply

    So true. Poor mechanics in golf will fail every time. A good starting point is to duplicate the swing of Pro Golfers. They must be on the right path. That's why I developed GOLFSTR to help me learn to keep my leading arm straight in the back swing. The rest of the swing corrections had to be made to allow for this straight arm correction: the right plane, the lagging elbow bend and the wrist hinge all fell into place. Getting it right is not easy but golf is so much more fun.

    Thanks for the follow and hoping you will share GOLFSTR http://www.golfstr.com with your blog readers some day.

  3. Bruce Monteith September 16, 2012 at 09:59 - Reply

    I believe understanding the mechanics of the golf swing to be essential for consistancy. Many golfers have proved that not all mechanics are the same for everyone nevertheless one of my conventional swing tips is: At the top of the back swing the thumb of the left hand needs to be under the grip in the 6 o'clock position. The reverse is true for a left handed player.

  4. Nasir Dhoon January 14, 2013 at 17:11 - Reply

    I think swing is the secret of golf. if u r correct u may be less frustrated than others. I am 9 handicap but still learning the swing plane which I didn't learn earlier. please have someone who can improve your swing plane.

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