3 Simple Exercises to keep your putting on a high level

With these 3 simple exercices you can train your putting at home and keep it at a high level.

[clearboth] Before you start check your setup: Stand at shoulder width with your feet parallel.

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Your left eye should be just over the ball (if you are a righty).

Your elbows should be close to your body. Now try the following:

Off the Wall

Get next to a free wall and put your ball 2 to 3 inches away from it on the ground.

Now stand with your setup in front of it and rest your head against the wall.

Now simply put without touching the wall with your putter.

The idea is that you don’t move your head. You only swing with your shoulders and arms.

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Aim for the Tee

To improve your aim put down a tee upside down on the ground and putt from different distances trying to knock it down.


To improve your impact place two medical strips left and right on the middle part of your club face of your putter.

Leave approximately half an inch of space between them. Now try putting normally.

Whenever you don’t hit the ball properly you get immediate feedback from your ball.

Exercise 2 and 3 can be combined to make it even harder.

Try it in a competition with your friends and family. Who’s able to knock down 10 tees first.






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