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Copycat – Full Swing Golf Lesson

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With modern technology it is quite easy to look at a lot of professional swings in a short amount of time.

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Just jump onto YouTube and search for your favourite pro and the words “swing analysis”.

You will find a lot of videos of professional swings in slow motion and very high quality.

Trying to mimic a professional swing can help your game a lot. These guys play golf at a highly competitive level successfully.

They must be doing something right, right? That is an understatement, of course.

When you start to mimic your favourite player you will first be occupied by trying to do what he or she is doing.

But soon enough, if you keep up with it, you will see the pieces falling together and understand why he or she is doing different things in the swing.

Don‘t worry that you are mimicking other players.

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First of all your own swing will most likely never be the same as your models‘ due to your own swing tendencies and character.

Moreover, you are not trying to be your model but simply trying to understand their technique on a profound level.

So jump onto YouTube and search for a player that you like.

Then look at a couple of recorded swings and swing analysis if available.

Go to the range and try to imitate the swing as good as you can. Focus on the key components like the setup, backswing and downswing. Also pay attention to the tempo of the swing.

With modern phones that have internet connection you can take the video directly on the range with you.

If you have a camera in your phone or an external one compare your own swing to your model swing regularly while practising. You will get to know your own swing tendencies and what makes the model swing you picked work so well.

  • Pick a model swing of a professional golfer.
  • Watch some videos of the swing on YouTube.
  • Try to imitate the swing as diligently as you can.






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