Educated Hands – How to Use Your Hands at Impact in the Right Way

One of the most discussed and controversial topics that is being discussed in golf literature is the use of the hands at impact.

You can find a whole lot of different suggestions.

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There’s a disagreement if the hands should stay passive during impact.

The argument is that the time frame during impact is too small to have any conscious influence.

E.g. Ralph Mann is of that opinion. He bases his opinion on the study of over 50 American tour greats (See: “Swing Like a Pro” by Ralph Mann). Jack Nicklaus and John Jacobs also promote passive-automatic hands. [clearboth]

Active hands are promoted by nobody else than Ben Hogan, Greg Norman and Seve Ballesteros.

For them the hands are one of the most important factors for club head speed. In their opinion only with support of the hands it’s even possible to go through the ball properly.

Joe Dante says that you can find this whiplash effect in any good swing.

But he also says that this effect does not necessarily stem from a conscious effort of the player but that it’s coming naturally from physical-anatomical laws.

But that’s not all. Some literature says that you should be active only with your right hand others say only to use the left.

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The left side mostly because the left arm and hand are influencing the direction of the ball flight most. More club head speed with the use of the hands should only be pursued if the golfer doesn’t compromise his timing and precision.

If you are rolling your hands correctly through the shot you can see for yourself.

In your finish position you should be able to pour a glass of water over your left shoulder with your right hand.

Often enough the work of the hands is emphasised with the use of the forearms e.g. you can try to roll your right forearm onto the left.

In the end you have to find the right use of your hands and forearms for yourself.

Can you actually feel during your left wrist uncocking during the release? Can you even influence that process consciously?

Using Your Hands at Impact – The Power of the Left Side

Try the following for a little while. Put your whole swing under the power of your left hand and arm.

Keep your right arm consciously loose. Swing back with your left arm dominating the swing and let it keep its leading roll during the downswing.

Mainly focus on the uncocking and roll of your left wrist and forearm.

If you exercise this way for a bit you will most likely experience several good things: You will draw the ball. Your whole swing will be fluent and elegant.

You hit the ball clean and feal how the right hand adds its power in the last moment all by itself.

You will even end in a great finish. Just try using your hands at impact this way and see what happens!






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