Golf and Music

Playing with Music – Does Music Help Your Golf Game?

It’s probably a trend you noticed on your driving range too.

More and more players are on the driving range with a headset on.

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They are listening to music, radio or something else while hitting balls.

Sometimes you can even see people who are on the course with earbuds in their ears.

At first this might seem like a cool trend. But does hearing to music actually have a positive effect on your game? What could be good reasons?

First of all music has a big influence on our mind and how we are feeling.

There are more than enough studies that prove how music is one of the most effective instruments to influence our mood. With the right music a golfer could pump himself up and strengthen his self-confidence or get into a deep relaxed state.

Music can also help to protect from distraction and influence from the outside.

Many professional players spend their time on the range deliberately with earbuds to shield themselves from their surroundings. They create their own little world concentrating fully on their game.

Ian Poulter would be a famous example who’s seen frequently listening to music while preparing for a tournament.

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Music has also the virtue to stimulate both sides of your brain, activating brainwaves that stimulate a better learning behaviour.

So are there any reasons against music on the golf course or driving range?

First of all listening to music blocks one of your most important senses – your sense of hearing.

To actually hear whether a ball was hit clean is an important feedback for your game which you are missing in part or completely while listening to music.

You can’t hear to music during a tournament.

Studies show that people are always learning the most if the training is close to the real situation. So listening to music isn’t really a “realistic” way to practice golf.


You should experiment and decide for yourself if listening to music could benefit your game.

If you struggle with focus during your practice sessions listening to music might actually help you.

It could also lead to the exact opposite for you. Maybe you would be distracted even more.

I would definitely recommend some music to get into the right mood for a practice session or a round of golf to everybody.

Music can have a positive influence on your game but it depends on your character and style of learning if you can actually benefit from it.

There’s no black and white like with everything in golf and life.






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