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Putt Like You Mean It! – Putting Golf Lesson

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On all putting greens you see people doing the same thing.

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They take out three balls and start putting towards one hole on the practice tee.

I did so myself. But I did not improve a lot by doing so. When I started to match my putting practice more towards actual putting on the course I started to improve a lot. Here is what I did and suggest you to try today.

Use only one ball and start to putt from one hole towards the next.

Your goal is to bury each ball with two putts at most. You can even do this competitively with your friends. It is like a round of golf, but only with putting. Be respectful of other players on the practice tee. There should be enough holes to choose from. Do not rush it just because you are playing with only one ball.

Take your time, look at the green and adjust your ball, if you want to.

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Just like you would do on a green on the actual course. What you will notice, if you have only practiced with multiple balls before is that you are more on the edge for each putt because every putt counts and because you cannot go into automatic mode.

Each putt has a different lie and needs a new adjustment and evaluation from you.

If you want a real challenge, try to make a complete round on the practice tee without a single three putt. If you three putt, start from the first hole again. The last ones will feel like you are putting in a major championship.

Do not get me wrong, I think putting with multiple balls can have a lot of value, if you are working on something specific or are doing a drill.

But always putting with three balls probably will not do much for your game. So start investing your time in more effective exercises like this one and you will start to improve your putting fast.

  • Practice putting on the practice tee with only one ball.






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