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Recovery – Short Game Golf Lesson

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Most of the time your shots will not come out exactly like you intended.

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Even if you were one of the best players in the world, you would still face recovery shots and deal with difficult lies.

As I always say, golf is a process and sometimes you just face more difficult situations than other times.

The good thing is that you can be prepared.

If you take a look around on your local course, you will probably find no one who is practising shooting out of the rough or other troublesome lies.

If you are lucky there is someone in the bunker practising his sandplay.

You want to be the exception to that.

You do not want to dedicate too much time on this as you do not want to spend too much time in trouble during a round of golf.

But now and again it is a very good idea to practice your recovery shots.

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And that is exactly what today’s exercise is about. Go to the practice tee and look for difficult lies you could practice and find yourself in when playing.

This could be situations where your ball is in the rough or heavy rough and you have to get it back on the fairway.

Or your ball may be lying very close to a water hazard or the out-of-bounds zone.

Maybe you face situations where you have to get the ball up in the air very quickly, like when you overshot an elevated green.

You want to reproduce all these situations that come to your mind on the practice tee and think about the most intelligent ways to recover and get the ball back into play.

For most people it is a good idea to think low risk in these situations.

A good way might be to chip the ball diagonally back onto the fairway or to try a layup.

Then practice all these shots several times.

The next time you find yourself in trouble you do not need to worry, because you come prepared and know exactly what to do.

  • Practice different recovery shots you might face during a round of golf.






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