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TagTeam – Team Golf Format

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Team formats are a great way to enjoy a round of golf.

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Even in the professional area team formats are common, like in the famous Ryder Cup Tournament.

Tag Team is no difference and makes you think about tactics and strategies that go beyond a usual round of golf.

This format is being played two versus two. Each player also needs a stop watch.

At the beginning of the game all players settle for a specific time for each hole.

The easy way is to the same time on every hole. If you really want to go for it, you can write down a different time for each hole on your score cards.

I recommend five to ten minutes for every player, if you do this for the first time.

You might also decide on different times for each player depending on his or her play level. You play in teams. Each team plays with one ball.

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After you have decided which team member plays first the game begins. Whenever a player is playing he has to start his clock.

That means your clock is running when you are hitting the ball, walking towards it, looking for the ball, putting etc.

It is somewhat like a chess watch. In-between shots you can switch with your team member any time.

This stops your watch and starts the time of your partner. Whenever a player used up his time contingent he is not allowed to play on this hole any more.

So you always have to decide what you are using your time for. If you have to look for a ball you might decide as a team to use your partner‘s time to look for the ball.

If your partner is better with his long game, you might let him do the tee shots. This game is so much fun because each team can use their strengths for each and every shot.

Nevertheless you always have to watch out to stay in time, so you also learn how to play at a good speed and how to decide fast.

  • Play a round of Tag Team.






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