The Number One Mental Shift to Play Your Best Golf Today

There is a way to enjoy every round of golf and every shot you make. No matter how bad you think your shot was. And it’s so simple that almost everybody misses it.

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Many golfers seem to struggle with a lot of frustration. Countless hours of bitching and moaning on and off the golf course lead to a point when they want to quit golf.

They almost want to throw their clubs into the nearest pond.

Sounds familiar?

Why are so many golfers angry, frustrated and desperate? Even when they spend so much of their free time with a hobby they love?

It all starts with the inner game and your own expectations.

The average golfer hits the ball well eight to ten times per round.

The rest of his shots are mishits he must learn to deal with.

The question is why their expectations are so much higher than their reality. Most golfers would only be satisfied if they’d hit every shot 100% perfectly.

With this attitude anger and frustration are built in which leads to even more bad shots. It’s like these players want to control the game.

After every bad shot they tell themselves “WTF! How did I make such an awful shot?!”

Not even the best players in the world manage to play perfect golf. As you can witness every day on the PGA Tour. Yet, the average Joe wants to do exactly that.

But there’s a way to be calm and happy even when everything seems to go straight down the toilet on the golf course. The magic of this mental attitude helps you to improve your game with every bad shot.

Even when you think that you’ve played your worst round ever.

And you will learn how to do that right now!

Unbiased Golf

When you are biased you have an expectation of what somebody will or should do. You have an expectation of the future. That means that a biased golfer (Which is where almost everybody starts.) tries to look into the future before every shot he makes.

They try to predict the outcome of the shot. This prediction is the ultimate goal they compare with their results. And when their reality doesn’t equal their predictions they become angry, bitch and moan and start throwing their clubs.

The opposite to that is the unbiased golfer.

When you are unbiased you don’t have a prediction. That’s why there’s no difference between reality and expectations.

The focus is not on the outcome of your shots. But what do you focus on instead?

The Answer

You focus on the evaluation of things you can actually control. By the way, the results of your shots are not part of that.

Even if you hit a pure shot just as you intended your ball could still land in a divot or get a bad bounce. You play golf outside with a lot of forces that are outside of your control.

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If your goal is to improve and play better golf you shouldn’t focus on your score or a specific landmark you want to achieve. Focus on what you can actually control.

Control the Controllable

If you want to play unbiased golf you need to learn to shift your focus.

Away from the results of your golf shots and towards things you can actually control. While working on things you can control your success on the golf course will follow.

Things You Can Control on the Golf Course

  • your preparation for each shot, round of golf or tournament
  • your emotions
  • your body language
  • your thoughts
  • your club selection
  • your pre-shot routine
  • your intensity of practice
  • your nutrition

Things you are not in Control of

  • the weather
  • the course conditions
  • your flight partners
  • the result of your golf shots
  • luck or misfortune
  • your starting time
  • the quality of the driving range and driving range balls

Focus on the Quality of Your Doing

It’s hard at first but the results have to be secondary to you.

You will notice fast – the more you focus on everything you are doing before you pull the trigger – the better your shots and the less disastrous your mishits will be.

Your results will become better although you are not focusing on them at all.

Sounds like a zen saying but it’s basically reaching your goals by not going after your goals.

How to Play Unbiased Golf

First you’ve to internalize that:

  • You can’t hit every shot perfectly on a round of golf
  • You have to concentrate on the things you can actually control

Then you’ll need a system to evaluate yourself.

An easy way to do that needs only three simple steps.

First pick an action you can control before each round of golf (e.g. That you do your pre-shot routine 100%, every time.)

As the second step you write that goal on a separate score card.

The third step is to give yourself a score on the action you picked (e.g. 1=very bad, 10=very good) for every shot you take or every hole you play.

This way you can take an average of the ratings you gave yourself after every round.

This simple system will shift your focus away from your score and back towards yourself and the skill you want to improve.

There’s no luck or misfortune anymore. There’s only you!

You can see right there on paper why you’ve messed up a particular hole.

This kind of self evaluation will show you that a bad round won’t come down to a single bad shot.

It’s always you that is in charge!

Photo: “Male golf player on professional golf course. Angry golfer sad about losing and broke his golf club on knee” © Alex – stock.adobe.com






2 responses to “The Number One Mental Shift to Play Your Best Golf Today”

  1. Michael Jones Avatar
    Michael Jones

    Why are we not taught this before we are taught to hit a golf ball great information but will only succeed with a 100% effort to be an unbiased golfer every game whatever the importance of the game

    1. Author: Greg Avatar

      Hey Micheal,

      You’re right the challenge in being unbiased is that the mental shift has to come from within. I absolutely agree that the inner game of golf should be an integral part of golf instruction from the get go.

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