Chipping Like a Champ

More than often amateur golfers aren’t able to chip their ball within 6 feet of the flagstick.

Statistically the tour pros sink only 55 percent of their putts from 6 feet away.

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This means that that it’s very likely for most amateur golfers to miss a putt that’s even farther away.

During a round of golf an average player is confronted with four to five of these chips.

Which means you have the possibility to save four to five shots if you are able to chip it close.

Unfortunately many average players top their ball or hit the ball fat because their wrists are too stiff and the swing plane too flat.

Or the wrists and hands are too active which leads too similar bad results. [clearboth]

Here are Some Golf Chipping Tips to Get it Right

1. Ball Position

To avoid hitting the ball fat or topping the golf ball, you should play it a little more towards your right foot (if you are a righty).

This way your hands are automatically centered and near your left thigh in your address position.

This way it’s a lot easier to keep your hands quite and with the right amount of control during your backswing.

If you want to you can also try to keep the ball at the normal position near your left foot.

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If you do that, move  your hands forward toward your left thigh until your left arm forms a straight line with your club shaft. Try it and find out what works best for you.

2. Weight Shift

Your weight should be more toward your left foot.

Approximately 70 to 30 percent.

3. Grip Down

Choke down on the club. If you are facing very short chips you might even grip down to the metal.

If you are facing longer chips using an iron 6 or 7, choke down as well.

4. Rhythm

Don’t be Johnny Stiff. Although the chip is mostly a motion of arms and shoulders you should definitely incorporate your feet, knees and hips into your swing with a small turn.

5. Energy Transfer

The chip is all about feel – keep your grip pressure light.

All the energy you need comes from your wrists and body turn.

6. Follow Through and Finish

The follow through begins with a tiny hip turn.

You should add a little pressure with your left hand.

During impact your left arm should form a straight line with the club shaft again.

If the club shaft is faster than your hands you are trying to scoop the ball. Check for the straight line of the left arm and the club shaft in your finish.






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