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  • Circuit Training #2 – Short Game Golf Lesson

    Circuit Training #2 – Short Game Golf Lesson

    Being calm and focused in the short game area is key. Nothing is more frustrating than turning a birdie opportunity into a bogey or even a double bogey. It happened to me as it probably did to you, because we rushed the putt or executed our chipping poorly. To work on your short game do the following exercises. Rest…

  • Chipping Like a Champ

    Chipping Like a Champ

    More than often amateur golfers aren’t able to chip their ball within 6 feet of the flagstick. Statistically the tour pros sink only 55 percent of their putts from 6 feet away. This means that that it’s very likely for most amateur golfers to miss a putt that’s even farther away. During a round of…